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Alexander Cierpial

The family business started when Alexander A. Cierpial bought a funeral home at 69 East St from the late Albert J. Rypysc in 1954.  Alexander’s son, Ronald was in high school at the time and began helping his father.  After graduation from high school, Ronald attended New England Institute and received a degree in funeral directing and embalming in 1959.  In 1961, Alexander decided to expand his business by purchasing Rypysc’s other funeral home on 61 Grape St. Today, the Cierpial family still operates their business out of both locations.

Ron Cierpial

A couple years later, in 1963 Ronald married Maryanne (Deren) Cierpial.  Over time, Maryanne joined the business.  In 1988, Ronald and Maryanne bought the business from Alexander.  In 1998, Melissa (Cierpial) Viens, their granddaughter, who grew up watching her great-grandfather in her grandparents work in the funeral home, started as an apprentice.  In 2000, Melissa graduated from Briarwood College in Southington, CT with a degree in mortuary science.  She is a licensed funeral director and embalmer.  In 2012, Ronald T. Cierpial, their grandson and Nick E. Viens, Melissa’s husband, graduated from Lincoln College of New England and joined the business as funeral directors and embalmers.

The Cierpial family offers personalized service for grieving families by assisting them in choosing the type of service they would prefer.  The funeral home can assist with many varied tasks including ordering their flower selections, arranging the receptions after the funeral, honor guard for military funerals and musical selections at the church service.  We do everything we can for our families.  They are grieving and we know what we can do to help them.  We also do pre-planning, cremations, and any type of service that our families have entrusted to us.

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